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demo from the spring of 2012.


released April 27, 2012

Our Heart & Soul is:

Axel Jendin - Drums, percussion
Johan Eriksson - Bass, vocals
Anton Eriksson - Guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Douglas Wentzel.
All music and lyrics by Johan Eriksson.
Arrangement by Our Heart & Soul.



all rights reserved


Our Heart & Soul Sweden

From Stockholm, Sweden.

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Track Name: Defeat
I have an ambivalent view on everything,
my head is a fucking mess.
... And I've started to feel so fucking distant,
like I'm separated from the world.
I can't seem to relate to a single fucking thing.
Track Name: Mindsets
I think it’s about time, that I get up
and out of this room
to start dealing with my life and problems.
I can’t stay here isolated
with my mind stuck in dark clouds.
…And falling asleep every night trying to avoid
my own thoughts; it’s pathetic, I can’t keep hiding.

I think it's about time: that I shape up
and get back on my own two feet.
Stand safe and sound on some solid ground
the rain fucking pours,
the haze is growing thicker to this point
where I now can’t see at all.
I’m just trying to struggle along.

This state of being has grown a tall on me.
I’m searching for strength within,
something to hold on to.
I’m through being miserable.
I can’t wait to let go and move on.
I need to learn handling my own anxieties.

I don’t expect to overcome or defeat my fears.
I’m just not giving in.
Track Name: Sore
I push my strained eyes to see trough the dark,
even though I’m lost and afraid.
It’s comforting to think that
it might be light at the end of this.
I find it hard staying motivated
when it feels like the spark has been put out.
I’m too fucking self aware for my own best.

I never feel like I belong.
It’s hard just co-existing with anyone.
I can’t help but to keep on alienating myself.

I look down on everything.
I’m too weak to walk straight.
It’s so exhausting; never putting my head at ease.

My heart is sore from beating way too hard.
I just want to feel okay; I’m just trying to get by.